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In today's world, no challenge stands in isolation. The interconnected nature of our world means that a global pandemic influences the worldwide supply chain. Climate change impacts economic growth and decline around the globe. Digital divides contribute to societal unrest, and societal unrest leads to the digital divide among societies. Anticipating, adapting to, and embracing change brought on by technological advancement requires a far greater understanding of the myriad of interconnected forces that shape our societies and economies. APAN platform is an effort, in this direction, to connect the communities and bridge the gap. Interested participants can directly register for the event through the registration portal; however, APAN also offers a fellowship program for eligible community members.

The APAN Fellowship Program aims to enhance global collaboration by engaging participants in APAN meetings. These gatherings offer a conducive environment for networking with fellow researchers, engineers, and students. The program also encourages participants to foster global collaboration within their local communities post-meeting. Fellowships are competitive, welcoming applications from students (both graduates and undergraduates) and early-career researchers. Those whose papers are accepted for presentations receive preferential treatment. Applicants are required to outline the benefits of receiving a Fellowship for themselves, their organizations, and APAN. Fellows are expected to assist in the meeting's organization while ensuring their active participation in sessions. To prevent last-minute drop-outs due to airfare unavailability, applicants must demonstrate airfare support at the time of application.

Who can apply?

  • Candidate with citizenship of an economy in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Candidates under the age of 35 will be given priority, but people of any age can apply.
  • Candidate must be from a University/Research & Development Community/Non-Profit organization.
  • Candidate must have support for airfare.

Application Procedure

To apply for a fellowship, please complete and submit the online application here: APPLICATION FORM.  You should upload a scanned copy of the official support letter for airfare with the application.

Applications involving paper presentations will be given preference. Applications other than the prescribed format will not be considered. Applications that are submitted after the deadline will be rejected.

Selection Procedure

Applications will be screened and short-listed candidates will be invited to join the meeting.

  • Application Submission.
  • Selection Results.
  • Acknowledgment from selected fellows through email within a specified date.
  • In the case of non-receipt of email acknowledgment, another fellow on the waiting list will be selected.
  • Waiting List announcement.
  • APAN Meeting.

Fellowship Includes the Following

  • Registration Fee: Access to All Sessions/Workshops/Tutorials.
  • Food: Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch and Tea (During Conferences) and Dinner when there are social events.
  • Local transportation: Transport Allowance (if applicable) (From International Airport to the accommodation site and vice versa).
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis during APAN Conference. Should you wish to arrange your accommodation (at your own cost) please notify the APAN SEC.

Other Notes

  • Airfare is not provided.
  • Fellows will be required to meet the cost of dinners, except when there are APAN social events.
  • Fellows must present their passports for the purpose of identification upon arrival. You are advised to bring your passport during the conference.
  • Attendance during the conference is compulsory.
  • Fellowship is not transferable.

Blacklisting Policy

Selected fellows will be blacklisted if:

  • Not showing up without good reason and insufficient notice.
  • Leave the meeting early without good reason and insufficient notice.

Summary Report

All fellows are expected to provide a summary report after the meeting.

Call For Fellowships

Important dates for the APAN58 Fellowship Program

Date Event
01/Apr/2024 Call for Fellowships
15/Apr/2024 CFF Close
18/Apr – 29/Apr/2024 Member Country Review
02/May/2024 Fellowship Committee Review
07/May/2024 Announcement of Selection
31/May/2024 Confirmation by Selected Fellow

Capture the Momentum

APAN 58 Fellowship Program is now OPEN. Click the button below to fill up the form. For fellowship inquiries, please contact [email protected]. More details on APAN58 is available here.

APAN58 Fellowship Program Form